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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Listening to: Signal Fire Snow Patrol
Random thought: I want to eat ice cream.

Gah! I am tired. It was queing today. 45 abandoned calls! And to think that last week we can finish the day with 5 or less. And most of the customers I got are so &^%$&%#$! I barely lose my cool but today I did. But since I had to still be little miss nice to our customers I had to make do with cursing while pressing on the mute button or throwing the mouse, or my headset, or kicking the trash bucket under my table. LOL. I know it's totally immature. It was a little stressful today but I'll be ok. On the upside, I got really good stats this month. But it kinda ticks me off that my supe barely have time to coach me. Last week I asked her when is our next coaching session she answered: "Yung may kailangan muna." Which is so not fair. I know I am doing well. But I don't get any feedback at all. I know my other team mates who are struggling need help but I need attention too! I want to perform better. And I can't do that if they don't tell me what else I need to improve on. *sigh*

Anyways. My weekend was bitin. Watched Max Payne with Bebu after I got off work Friday. It was so-so. Then Bojo and I went to LU Live on Saturday. It was fun seeing all our HOLâ„¢ guildmates again and meeting the others we haven't met before. Also, I got to see my old RF buddies! I kinda felt sad because we weren't able to go Sunday. But all is good. HOL-PW won the Phoenix Council War Championship! That's back 2 back Championships, 2 years in a row. This year they won a whopping 200k Cash Prize. And we(the guild - HOL) has got bragging rights for one more year! Haha :)

I was supposed to go to the RRD party Saturday night. They asked me to present the awards but I ditched it. Haha! I'm not big on parties and I would rather be with my guildmates than go to that party. Bojo and I spent Sunday lazing around in our own little space. Then I had to go back to Manila early Monday morning to start work again.

2 more work days before I call it a week. I can't wait for Friday. I miss Bojo. I miss having him take care of me. During the weekdays, it's just me looking after myself. But weekends it's different. He's there from the moment I wake up until before I go to sleep. Heck, their Internet is down so I wasn't able to talk to him today much. I miss my bebu. *sigh*

For lack of better things to do, I logged on to PW and ended up buying 2k gold worth of dyes. I left Soulrun vending in DC West while I'm writing this entry. I prolly will play CK once I'm done posting.

Anyhoo, my baby bro turned 16 the other day. He wanted basketball shoes. And boy oh boy! Men's shoes are expensive! Also, my today is my Dad's birthay! Sooo..

Happy Birthday Tatay and Dong-Dong!

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2:36 PM

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Listening to: Bebu's Newest Song

I just woke up. Well kinda just woke up. Round 45 minutes ago.

The slight headache I was nursing while I was on my way home went from moderate to worse by the time that I got to Pasig. I tried eating some lunch but my stomach won't take it. I ended up barfing the few spoonfulls that I ate. Anyways, throwing up cleared my head a bit. But not enough. So I decided to go to sleep for a while - whoich worked since I woke up 3 hours later feeling good in the head but with a growling stomach. But that's already taken cared of since I just finished eating El Diablo with rice. I'm an almost happy camper.

I feel kinda bad. One, because my PTO for Monday was not approved and two so was my trade on request for that same day. I CAN'T COME TO LU LIVE ON SUNDAY!!!! It pissed the hell out of me at work when I found out (which I think contributed to the headache). Anyways, I can only make it on Saturday. Which is fine. But wanted to be there on Sunday because HOL-PW's match will on that day. And I'm sure they are all gonna go somewhere after the event. I wanna be in teh pictures! Lawl. I'm excited for LU Live though. It's the first time HOL's gonna have a booth. And Voxie is coming all the way from Cebu! Yay! I'm finally gonna see my HOL lil bro! :)

I wonder how I'm gonna sleep now. I have work at 2am later. I gotta be up by 12:30am. Sheesh.
But I'm glad it's almost Friday. I am meeting Bebu to watch Max Payne after I get off work. Someting to look forward to. :)

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6:49 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Listening to: Bebu Singing

I just edited my blog layout! <3~
Yay! Bebu recorded a new song today! *wub*
Anyhoo, I'm drained. I can't think of a coherent post. Maybe tomorrow. Haha.

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4:18 PM

Friday, June 27, 2008

I don't know why it took me 4 days to write this. Probably because I am still in shock.

Monday, June 24. Around 5pm I got a text message from my sister Mae. She informed me that our house in Numancia, Aklan was flooded all the way to the roof and practically everything in it was ruined. There's no power and only Smart is working. All their phones at home were post paid Globe. Good thing my sister had an old smart sim that's why she was able to text me when cellphone signal came back. My family owned that house for more than 10 years and this is only the 2nd time that the flood reached our area. The first time was back in 2006 but the water only got waist deep. According to my sister's account, during the storm they have secured our appliances and had them stored on top of the double deck in our room but it was useless. In around 30 minutes the water surged so fast they only had time to secure themselves and some personal items before they took shelter in my Auntie Diding's house next door. According to my sister, 36 people from different families in our subdivision took refuge in the 2nd foor of my Auntie Diding's house. 36 people. It's a miracle it didn't collapse. My parents were in the process of extending our house. Construction was ongoing in the vacant lot at the back of our house for the 2nd floor extension. It didn't survive. My sister told me Monday there was 6 inches if mud they had to clear from the house. She was wearing a shirt brought by Auntie Lily because all their clothes were muddy and dirty. Our cousins from Lezo came Monday to help them clean up. I thought I was ok. But when I went to bed, I couldn't stop crying. That night, I prayed. Admittedly, I haven't prayed for a long time. But that night I did.

My sister told me that on Tuesday, June 25 she and Inday (our neighbor's helper) walked for 4 and 1/2 hrs from our place to Kalibo and back to look for food. They had to walk because there is no transportation. Everything was closed and Kalibo too is covered in mud. On the way they saw dead bodies and overturned cars. Yesterday my sister told me her phone is running out of battery and she needs to look for a place to charge it. This morning, she texted me again to ask for prepaid load because there's no place to load up. She told me they had their phones charged at one of our neighbor's who had a generator for 30 php! Also, she said rice cost 150php per ganta (2.2 kilos). Which is ridiculous! My sister was asking if I could send them some goods since everything really is way too expensive in Aklan. Banks are closed in Kalibo. According to her only Western Union is open in Numancia. Good thing one of my sister's friends will be coming home tomorrow so I can send some stuff for them.

I don't have any chance to watch the evening news since I am usually asleep by 6pm because my shift starts at 2am. For the past few days, I have been religiously reading internet articles about how badly Typhoon Frank had damaged Aklan. It's devastating to know that they will be out of water and eectricity for a month! It's a good thing we have a "poso" at the back of our house, my family still has a source of water if that's any consolation. I told my friend Cherry yesterday that yes, I am worried. But I know my parents are good people and people will help them. But then, the thought struck me. The whole province is in a state of calamity. How can they help when they too, do not have anything? :(

Below are some pictures taken after the storm:

I am appealing to whoever will be reading this to please extend some help in any way that you can. People in Aklan need clean water, food, and medicine. Spreading the news so more people can know about Aklan's plight will help a lot as well as your prayers.

Aklanon Students in Metro Manila have put up the Sagip Aklan group. You can contact the following people for any form of help that you are willing to extend:

Celeste Refendor, Aklanon Representative UP Diliman, 0927.253.3661
Jerald Benedict Equina, Aklanon Representative UST, 0915.707.9685
Miguel Miraflores, Aklanon Representative, Mapua Institute of Technology, 0917.881.0524

I am also working with my fellow Aklananons here in Manila in searching for people who are willing to extend medical help to the people in our province since our Provincial Hospital is in no way capable of caring for the sick. If you know anyone who can provide medical assistance, below is my contact information:

Michelle Anne J. Teodosio

SME, PeopleSupport Phils, Inc.


Thank you. Any form of help will be greatly appreciated.

1:02 PM

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Listening to:

It's been a while since my last update. I've been kinda busy lately. Work is challenging, but I'm enjoying it. My 5th month appraisal is coming up. I'm know I'm doing well but I wanna do better. I'm lucky my sup is really keeping an eye on my stats and helping me improve.
Reason why I wasn't able to update is because I spend my time online playing Perfect World. My YoaJing is finally at level 53! Yay. Anyhoo, all my other guildmates are in their 70's and 80's. I'm technically still a lowbie. LOL. :D

Souly in a Feather Plume Set

Souly in Pink

Speaking of my guild HOL, we won the server champion title (PW Dragon Server!) Our best warriors are competing against Mythical from Tiger Server. I'm excited. Can't wait to go to LU! Live 2007. I'm not sure when bojo and me are going though. That would depen on our schedule. Though it would e really nice if we could be there on Sunday, Nov 4 since the finals for the Jade Nightingale event is gonna be on that date. I wanna see my guildmates in action! Anyhoo, bojo and I made a few designs for the HOL LU! Live Shirt. Lookie:
Blue Shirt w/ HOL Logo
Blue Bully Shirt
Pink Shirt w/ HOL Logo
Pink Fear teh Bunny Shirt

After my shift last Friday, bojo and I met up at SM Fairview. Sort of a late 10th monthsary date since we didn't have time to celebrate Oct 9th. We had a very pleasant lunch at Kenny Roger's. Then we watched Resident Evil 3: Extinction and Stardust back to back. I had a blast. I was flinching for most part of Resident Evil and I was grinning while watching Stardust. We made it home round 10pm. I showered then went to bed. No dinner, I was too exhausted! Haha.

Saturday we had lunch at Jollibee, 2 piece chicken galore! Then we spent the afternoon watching House Season 3. Bojo has this thing of imitating Dr. House, I don't know if I should be laughing about it or get irritated. Because he really sounds like House. He even got the facial expressions right! =)

Anyways, aside from imitating the crippled and uber sarcastic doctor, bojo's been busy developing his game Eternity: Sypmhony of Dreams. I saw how hard he's working on it and I think it really is turning out ok. Also, I'm thrilled that he's going back to school next week.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Back to bonding with bebu. I've only got a few hours left before I go back to sleep. I gotta be up by 12:30 am and be at work by 4am.

11:58 AM

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yay it's saturday!

Woke up around 8:30, after sleeping for 14 hours! I've made up for all the stress and the lack of sleep for the last week. Grabe, when I got here (Bulacan) yesterday afternoon all I did was sleep! I didn't even eat dinner. Although I could remember bebu trying to wake me up several times so that I could it. He said I turned kiddie mode on him, then went back to sleep! Haha! Bebu and I went out to have brunch at Chowking, then we went to buy some groceries. And mango ice cream! The weather is really hot lately, reminds of summer and how we always had ice cream almost every day.

Bebu showed me the Fate Stay Night graphic novel that he's been reading. Also told me a lil something about the story. And right now I am waiting for PW to patch so we could have updated version of the client since the old one won't allow me to look into the item mall. Soulrun's already 45. Thank goodness! I think I'm gonna stay there for a while and just farm. I wanna prove to myself that I am able to make yuans from farming. Everything Souly is wearing right now is from the item mall. Haha! Tamad kasi ako magfarm. XD

Anyhoot, I'm getting the hang of my account. And I think I am doing good. My sup seems to think so. And I got 2 perfect customer satisfaction surveys last week. Which is really nice. :) I ask lesser questions everyday. I'm really set on making good my first 3 months, so that by December I could apply for a position in the Training Department.
I think that'd be all for now. :)

12:39 PM

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Finally! An update! *giggles*

Anyhoo, I was uber busy the past month. Buti na lang nakaluwag na sa sked! Haha! Travelport CST was finally over! And I finished on top of my class! *grins* All the stress and hard work paid off! I started my stint in Ops yesterday, and I am stuck with a 4am to 1pm shift. Bummer. Good thing I have Saturday and Sunday for rest days. Makes it almost worth it. Haha. Speaking of my shift, it's really weird to walk out of the house at 3am. Halos walang tao sa kalsada. It's kinda creepy. At 2 am, even taking a shower is creepy. I had to turn the TV volume louder than usual. (Yeah, duwag ako minsan!)

For the past couple of days, I've received comments from people saying that I am gaining weight! w00t~ This is actually a good thing because I have always been too skinny. If I may say so, I think I did gain a few pounds. Some of my clothes won't fit anymore and I gained an inch on my waist! Hahaha! And my arms! Haha! Lumaki mga braso ko. And I have bilbil already! Bebu has been teasing me about it. Haha! Di lang naman ako ang tumataba! Yung iba diyan lumaki din ang tyan! Pfft!

I wore wedge shoes to work today. I passed by the mall yesterday and I just had to have them. For the first time ever I wore heels! If only my mom could see me now I think she'd be really happy to see me 3 inches taller! Thea said I looked good wearing wedges. I think I'd stick to them for some time. It's not uncomfortable at all, unlike what I previously thought. Heck. I used to fear wearing heeled shoes. But now I'm wearing one. Just because.

I can't believe it's September already! Gotta save up for Christmas presents!

I feel kinda bad though that I can't go home to Bulacan midweek. It's hard to travel to back to Manila at 2am so that I could make my 4am shift. The bus ride is scary. Haha.

Anyways, I was able to catch up a lil bit on my PW leveling. I hit lvl 40 today! Weee~ I moved to HolyOrder(zero), the guild's extension because back at the main clan, I was sooo outleveled. I can't find people to help me with my quests! Haha!

Bojo's been busy too. He has this project with RPG maker where he's making his own RPG. He designs the maps, character sprites, battlers, scripts and what have you's. I think it's really cool, although I can't understand half of what he's doing. But I got to see the demo and I think it's really neat. Can't wait for him to finish the whole thing. Also, he made an animated PW siggy for me: Lookie!

PW siggy by bebu~

Soulrun w/sun background

Soulrun w/cherry blossoms background

Soulrun w/moon background

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